Birth of a Vision

In our initial phase, we established ourselves as the dependable ally for job seekers in the dynamic technology sector. The goal was not merely employment, but the creation of sustainable career paths in a future-forward industry.


Building Partnerships & Forging Paths

As we found our footing, we rapidly established over 300 service agreements nationwide, crafting cost-effective technology staffing solutions. During this time, our innovative Tech Bootcamp was born, nurturing talent in project management, business analysis, and data analysis.


Embracing Growth

Responding to our rapid expansion, we opened a Global Delivery Center in Chennai, India, bolstering support for our growing on-site operations. We transcended from a staffing firm to a holistic implementation partner, creating customized solutions to meet diverse client needs.


Putting Down Roots

In a significant stride forward, we ventured into various industries including Airlines, eCommerce, Transport, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, and Insurance. This move highlighted our versatility and adaptability, solidifying our footprint.


Spreading Our Wings

Continuing our growth trajectory, we extended our reach to 37 states across the USA. This achievement showcased our nationwide impact and the trust our clients place in us.


Innovating Amid Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic presented both challenges and opportunities. We swiftly adapted to a remote working model, extending our services beyond geographical boundaries, and fostered a truly global, collaborative problem-solving approach.


Stepping Into the Spotlight

A notable highlight was our expansion into the entertainment industry, showcasing our capability to deliver high-quality, tailored solutions, regardless of the sector.


Scaling New Heights

As we continued to evolve, we witnessed phenomenal growth, with impressive revenue generation exceeding $30M. This success is a testament to our commitment to providing excellent service and building lasting relationships with our clients.


Advancing with Versatility

Today, Staffigo is innovating in three key verticals - Talent Solutions, AI Solutions, and Capabilities. Our comprehensive services range from Bootcamps and strategic hiring to advanced AI solutions and specialist capabilities in areas like Mobile App Engineering and Project Management. As we grow, our steadfast vision remains - to be our client’s most trusted and innovative partner, driving their growth and success.