Leadership Team


Welcome to our Team!

At Staffigo, our success is fueled by the collective efforts of a talented and dedicated team. While we proudly showcase a select group of leaders on our website, we want to acknowledge that they are just a small fraction of the many individuals who contribute to our accomplishments behind the scenes.

From our CEO and Founder to our directors and managers, our leadership team sets the tone and provides strategic guidance. Their profiles give you a glimpse into their expertise and the important roles they play in driving our growth and delivering exceptional service to our clients.

However, we recognize that our success extends far beyond these individuals. Our team comprises professionals across various departments, including talented recruiters, diligent administrators, skilled developers, and supportive staff members who work tirelessly to ensure our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Every member of our team, regardless of their position, plays a crucial part in our collective achievements. It is their dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit that allow us to deliver the outstanding results that our clients have come to expect.

While we may not be able to feature everyone individually on our website, we value and appreciate each team member’s contribution. It is their combined efforts that make Staffigo the exceptional organization it is today.

We invite you to explore the profiles of our leadership team and learn more about their roles and expertise. But also remember that behind every successful leader, there is an incredible team working together to make a difference

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to introducing you to the entire Staffigo team as we continue to grow and thrive together.

Sheldon – CEO and Founder, Staffigo

Sheldon’s journey to becoming the CEO and Founder of Staffigo exemplifies innovation, determination, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. He honed his skills within Fortune 100 companies & turning startups into Multi-Million Dollar businesses early in his career, taking on key roles in their technology divisions. This rich experience fostered an in-depth understanding of the IT industry, enabling Sheldon to navigate Staffigo through a complex and competitive landscape.

Sheldon’s approach to leadership centers around empowerment and nurturing growth within his team. He exemplifies the principles of servant leadership, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. This approach has made Sheldon instrumental in helping many young people build successful careers, fostering their potential and guiding them towards alignment with the company’s vision.


In addition to his role at Staffigo, Sheldon’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to a diverse array of promising ventures. He channels his drive and vision into supporting budding businesses, reflecting his adaptable business acumen and dynamism.

Further demonstrating his dedication to societal wellbeing, Sheldon leads the Owen Wilkins Foundation, a non-profit organization named in honor of his father. The foundation focuses on mental health and children’s education, showcasing Sheldon’s commitment to giving back to the community.

Under Sheldon’s leadership, Staffigo continues to grow and evolve, backed by a commitment to learning, innovation, and superior service delivery. Sheldon’s leadership encapsulates the essence of Staffigo – pushing boundaries, adapting to change, and continually striving for excellence. His wide-ranging expertise and strategic insights inspire the team to aim higher, work smarter, and create value in every endeavor.


Samantha Moss – Chief Operations and Administration Officer (COAO), Staffigo

Samantha Moss, as the Chief Operations and Administration Officer of Staffigo, seamlessly blends expertise, commitment, and a heart for service in her role. With responsibilities ranging from payroll to accounting to legal, Samantha’s role is pivotal to Staffigo’s daily operation and long-term success.

From day one, as part of the founding team, Samantha has shown unwavering dedication to the vision of Staffigo. Her strategic oversight, coupled with her meticulous attention to detail in daily administrative tasks, keeps the wheels of Staffigo turning smoothly and effectively.

Balancing her professional responsibilities with personal commitments, Samantha is also a devoted mother to two children. Her nurturing nature extends beyond her immediate family, as she is deeply involved in research and community service related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her passion for supporting those with special needs further enriches her leadership role at Staffigo, bringing an additional layer of empathy and understanding to her interactions.

Under Samantha’s proficient guidance, Staffigo continues to operate with efficiency and integrity, fostering a space for growth and innovation. Her immense contribution to the company sets the standard for operational excellence while also reflecting her dedication to making a positive impact in the wider community.

Lydia Wilkins – Director of Talent Acquisition, Staffigo

As an early member of team Staffigo with an exceptional talent for identifying potential and a steadfast commitment to fostering professional growth, Lydia Wilkins serves as the Director of Talent Acquisition at Staffigo. Her role is critical to managing the multifaceted landscape of talent in the fast-paced IT industry.

Lydia operates across all levels of the company, seamlessly integrating high-level executives, mid-career professionals, and entry-level talent into the Staffigo team. Her knack for spotting potential ensures that each team member is not only a strategic fit for Staffigo’s current requirements but also a valuable asset for the company’s future.


Beyond her role in recruitment, Lydia takes a keen interest in the continuous learning and career development of her team members. She has fostered a supportive environment that champions professional growth, paving the way for individual and collective success at Staffigo.

In her personal life, Lydia cherishes her German Shepherd, Luna, reflecting her nurturing and compassionate nature. This warmth and empathy translate into her professional life, influencing her leadership style and team relationships positively.

Under Lydia’s strategic and compassionate leadership, the Talent Acquisition team at Staffigo continues to build a dynamic and versatile workforce. Her tireless efforts significantly contribute to the culture of innovation and excellence at Staffigo, setting the pace for continued growth and success in the competitive IT industry.


David Ryan – Director of Client Relations and Resourcing, Staffigo

As one of the early members of the Staffigo team, David Ryan has played a vital role in shaping the company’s growth trajectory. In his current role as Director of Client Relations and Resourcing, David excels in bridging client needs with Staffigo’s extensive talent pool, embodying the company’s dedication to client satisfaction and strategic resourcing.

David’s responsibilities extend beyond client interactions. He also manages a formidable team of recruiters, guiding them to identify and attract talent that aligns with the dynamic needs of Staffigo’s clients. His leadership ensures a synergistic operation, where client requirements are met, and Staffigo’s workforce finds meaningful and rewarding engagements.

Outside his professional obligations, David finds joy in being an active participant in his local church and youth group, contributing to community engagement. His passion for gaming displays his strategic thinking and a knack for teamwork, traits that he skillfully translates into his role at Staffigo.

David’s multifaceted role and strategic leadership continue to strengthen Staffigo’s commitment to its clients and the evolving demands of the IT industry.

As an integral part of the team since its early days, his contributions have been paramount in establishing Staffigo as a trusted partner for businesses, consistently delivering quality IT solutions and fostering enduring client relationships.

Chris Melder – Human Resources Manager, Staffigo

Meet Chris Melder, our exceptional Human Resources Manager who oversees the resourcing operations out of our Global Delivery Center. With a wealth of talent and expertise, Chris plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our team is equipped with the right skills and resources to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

As a skilled professional in human resources, Chris brings a strategic mindset and a deep understanding of talent management to his role. He is adept at identifying top talent, fostering employee engagement, and implementing effective HR practices that promote growth and development.

Chris’s commitment to excellence extends beyond his role in human resources. His dedication to nurturing a positive work environment, fostering diversity and inclusion, and driving employee satisfaction make him a true asset to our organization.


With his natural ability to connect with people, Chris creates a supportive and collaborative atmosphere within our Global Delivery Center. He is passionate about attracting, developing, and retaining talent, ensuring that our team remains at the forefront of the industry.

Under Chris’s leadership, our resourcing operations thrive, allowing us to consistently meet the demands of our clients while nurturing the professional growth of our employees. His talent, expertise, and dedication contribute to our continued success as a leading IT staffing provider.