Project Management Consulting for IT Company

Client Profile

An IT company specializing in software development and implementation projects.


  • Inconsistent project delivery and varying quality across different projects.
  • Lack of project documentation and knowledge management processes.
  • Inadequate risk management and mitigation strategies.
  • Need for project management expertise to improve project governance and delivery.


The IT company engaged a project management consulting firm to address their challenges, which involved:

  • Conducting a project management maturity assessment and gap analysis.
  • Developing standardized project delivery methodologies, templates, and documentation.
  • Implementing a project knowledge management system to capture and share project insights.
  • Conducting risk assessments and developing risk management plans for ongoing projects.
  • Providing project management training and coaching to project teams.


  • Consistent project delivery with improved quality and client satisfaction.
  • Standardized project delivery methodologies and documentation across the organization.
  • Effective risk management, resulting in reduced project risks and issues.
  • Enhanced knowledge management, enabling efficient knowledge sharing and learning.
  • Improved project governance and decision-making processes.