Project Management Consulting for Healthcare Organization


Client Profile

A healthcare organization undertaking a large-scale IT system implementation project.


  • Complexity of the IT system implementation project with multiple stakeholders and dependencies.
  • Inadequate project governance and oversight leading to scope creep and schedule delays.
  • Inefficient change management and user adoption processes.
  • Need for project management expertise to ensure successful project implementation.


The healthcare organization engaged a project management consulting firm to address their challenges, which involved:

  • Establishing a robust project governance structure with clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Developing a comprehensive project management plan, including scope, schedule, and budget management.
  • Implementing change management processes and training programs to facilitate user adoption.
  • Conducting regular project status reviews and risk assessments.
  • Providing project management coaching and support to the project team.


  • Improved project governance and oversight, resulting in better scope control and schedule management.
  • Successful implementation of the IT system with minimal disruptions to healthcare operations.
  • Smooth user adoption and change management processes.
  • Effective risk management and timely mitigation of project risks.
  • Increased organizational capacity for managing future projects.