Managed Print Services for a Healthcare Facility

Client Profile

A large healthcare facility with numerous departments and high-volume printing needs.


  • Inefficient and costly printing processes across multiple departments.
  • Lack of centralized control and visibility over printing activities.
  • Difficulty in managing printer fleets, supplies, and maintenance.
  • Need for cost reduction and improved document security.


The healthcare facility adopted managed print services to address their challenges, which involved:

  • Assessment of printing needs and infrastructure across departments.
  • Consolidation of printer fleets and deployment of efficient devices.
  • Implementation of print management software for centralized control and monitoring.
  • Supply management and automated toner replacement to ensure uninterrupted printing.
  • Implementation of secure printing solutions, such as user authentication and document encryption.


  • Streamlined printing processes, reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • Centralized control and visibility over printing activities.
  • Enhanced document security through secure printing solutions.
  • Improved printer fleet management and proactive maintenance.
  • Cost savings through optimized printer usage and supply management.